Content confusion

I’m feeling so stuck and confused.

I had a blog where I posted recipes and grew a large following. It was amazing, but I didn’t make any money and grew out of the messaging. Two years ago I became a weight loss coach, and since then I have felt lost with my content. I was very good at posting recipe content, but when it comes to coaching content I find it to be very dry, boring, and long. I can’t make it catchy and fun, and my point doesn’t get across like I would like it to.

Someone commented on one of my posts the other day saying it doesn’t make sense. This in itself wasn’t an issue (as I’m used to getting trolls), but it hit differently because I believed it as well, and that is what I was thinking about my post the whole time. My engagement has dropped, my posts’ reach have dropped, and my following has dropped and continues to be on the decline.

This being said, I have also been making the most money I have ever made, and have the most clients ever (mind fuck!). I feel stuck around what to do with my blog. I still have a lot of potential when it comes to recipes. Should I do recipes alongside coaching? Should I release a recipe book as well? I want my focus to be around coaching, not recipes, so I’m of two minds about this. I’m also feeling lost over who I am on my blog, and what content to post as my new content doesn’t come naturally!

I’m feeling like such a failure, and my brain says I need to figure this out because I get all my clients off my blog. If it continues this way, I won’t get any more clients and I won’t have a business.