Continued – Transitioning Motherhood Role to Coach/Advisor

A sincere thank you to the coach who helped me gain clarity on my model below.

From your suggestions I have chosen – “Life is harder for her than others” in my UM and “It is what it is in my IM”. I do think “Life is not fair” is too emotionally charged for me.

2 questions

1) Please review my IM

C- Daughter has anxiety and severe OCD tendencies – professional diagnosis
T – It is what it is
F – Acceptance
A – will no longer ride the emotional rollercoaster when she is making progress in her therapy or falling back, know that it is her life journey, love her for who she is, no longer have thoughts in my head that she is a victim, stop trying to fix her
R- I get to love her for who she is

2) The coach on my private coaching call wisely said that this is where my work will be – in transitioning my hands on mothering role to a coach/advisor.
Do you have any suggestions how I can actively practice moving from my current mama bear mothering role to a coach/advisor role? Or is it just a matter of writing out unintentional models and intentional models. Any content on this in Scholars? I am already working in Relationships section now.

Thank you!!