Control pt 2

Thank you for all of that information. To follow up with your answer, for my C line he actually did say ” I am not ready for commitment yet” so can that go in the C line even if it is his thought?

Also – you had said “What if you accepted full responsibility for meeting your own security needs? How differently would you show up in relationships and when you were dating?”
When you talk about finding security within myself and taking full responsibility for that, I am a bit lost as to what that looks like. So when i’m dating someone and I have all the security within me even if they don’t give it to me, what does that look like?
Thats a whole new world i’m open to exploring, I just don’t know what that would be.
Would it be as simple as knowing I will be ok no mater what happens? Knowing things happen as they are supposed to? Is that the security within myself you are speaking of?
And if so how do I get there through all the fear that makes me want to pressure him into commitment?