Coronavirus Fear

My husband is reading everything he can about the coronavirus and talking to me about his concerns and what he wants to do to prepare in case it hits our city and we are impacted. He has a lot of fear surrounding this he is sharing with me. People at work are now starting to talk about it too. I’m getting scared now and having a hard time dealing with my growing worry. I have tried a model but all it does it confirm my worry. I’ve also tried thinking it’s reasonable to be worried about this and having fear is not a big deal. But this just keeps me stuck in fear and worry anyway. Can you please help?

C = my husband and co-workers are expressing their fear and worry about the coronavirus to me

T = this is scary

F = worry and fear

A = think of all the things that might happen (illness, quarantine, widespread panic, hospitals filled to capacity, family members sick), tell my husband not to talk to me about this because it makes me afraid even though I know it’s my thoughts … it’s easier to ask him to not talk to me then controlling my thoughts, dwell on it, read about it, pretend everything is okay and push the fear away

R = I am afraid