Covid 19 vaccination pressure

Yesterday the government in my country decided that getting tested every 24 hours will be mandatory (when a certain infection rate is reached, which almost is nationwide) for people not vaccinated if they want to go to restaurants, museums, etc., starting Aug 23rd. Tests will have to be payed for from October on. Even excluding these people entirely is in discussion and basically executing a lockdown for unvaccinated people. I have not yet decided on getting the Covid-19 Vaccination. Following my intuition and listening to my body it just didn‘t feel right.

After yesterday’s decision I felt a lot of anxiety. Not only because this, in my opinion, violates my freedom to decide about my own body, but the pressure, public judgement and discrimination and punishing people by excluding them from society to get them to do things that they don‘t feel is right for their body is leaving me feeling unsafe in my own country. I believe that getting vaccinated or not is a very individual decision and should not be dictated by the government. I feel stuck and this also excludes my children from any social activities or I can‘t join them.

Any advice is highly appreciated. Thank you so much!