Creating Wealth + Taking the Big Leap

Upon re-reading the amazing book, The Big Leap… I’ve had some insight into what’s going on in my mind (hitting a limiting belief- “I am flawed so any success I have won’t last”)

I have written here many times about the underlying current circumstances: my roommate violated a major privacy boundary (he was opening my door and peering in while I was sleeping) and the self-action was and is to move out. I will not live with someone who behaves this way.

Because my voice over business is conducted from home, I have a few sound isolation requirements which have led me to look at many places. The ones I have liked and found suitable I have not rented because someone else beat me to the application process…. and THIS is where I finally uncovered the hidden model.

C: Apartment that meets criteria for personal and business use
T: I don’t know if I can really afford this
F: Hesitant/ Worried
A: Slow to ask for and file application/ credit check
R: Stay where I am

The intentional model I am trying to design is:
C: Apartment that meets criteria for personal and business use
T: This space is an uplifted container for my creativity!!
F: Excited
A: Apply immediately
R: Move on and out

These are the objections my mind comes up with: But you may not get approved.
Maybe you will get approved and then your freelance business will dry up
Maybe you will get approved and then you will have an accident or lose your voice and not be able to work.
You will be house poor. Your moving out will financially ruin your roommate. He’s already depressed, and may harm himself.

I know that these are just thoughts, and I am not my thoughts. I know that I had a lot of the same types of fear and guilt when I quit my stable part-time job in order to pursue my dreams… and I just did it anyway. I guess my question is, are you able to see any bridging thoughts that could help me see this transition through?