Cycling of Buffering Resources

When I joined SCS I had one goal in mind and that was to lose weight. I went all in and followed a protocol for six successful months and lost all my extra weight and felt incredible.
When I’ve reached my goal I suddenly noticed that during those six months I started shopping more and so I created myself a protocol for shopping and have been following that as well.
Then I noticed that during the window when I fast I actually buffer with coffee (sometimes as many as 4 cups by noon) and so I decided to quit drinking coffee all together.
A week into quitting caffeine I find myself craving flour and sugar food and went totally off protocol from my steady and healthy regular routine.
I feel as if I was fooled all along thinking that I got a hold on what is happening when actually what happened is that I kept cycling buffering resources.

The action to take now is clear, it’s to get back to my usual protocol, and yet it seems as if I am getting these messages from my brain, saying, ‘you see, you’ll never be thin, it was just another diet out of many…’

Why is it so? Why hasn’t it solved for it?