“Daddy doesn’t like fat girls”

Just thought I would share my mom’s “exact words” when I was 10 and was served a plate of green beans, a hamburger patty and cottage cheese. I forgave my mom years and years ago, but you are right…I used it as an excuse for my life long weight issues. Losing, gaining, losing, gaining, losing and gaining. I have lost 40 pounds this past year and finally at 67 I truly believe I will keep the weight off. So many years wasted believing it was my mothers fault that I had a weight problem. My weight problem has been a blessing to me. I could list a 100 ways. I rewrote my past on this long ago. Thanks for explaining why it was the right thing to do. Oh…and “Daddy doesn’t like fat girls” can go on the C line for sure. At 88, he still doesn’t…ha