Daily Thought Models

Doing the thought model work daily is amazing. I am becoming capable in ways I didn’t previously believe possible. Check out today’s work:

C I’m not an established business; I want to reach out to experts
T I’m not qualified to reach out, I’m going to be rejected
F fear, anxiety
A: procrastinate or drop/change my business plan
R: no business, not contributing to my goals or the world

Want/need to feel:
Rejection is okay, even expected
Risk is okay, even needed
Discomfort is okay, even required
A willingness to be uncomfortable

New model:
C: I’m not an established busines
T: I can handle rejection and control my emotions by controlling my thinking. SCS work has prepared me.
A: pitch my ideas to the experts
R: deal with the No’s Get some Yes’s and build an amazing business.

So.good. Anything I’m missing? Let me know because I’m getting ready to GO FOR IT!!!