Daily Work

As we enter each new month and have new homework, what are your thoughts on incorporating in daily work pieces from a previous month? For instance I really enjoy doing a general thought download in the morning and looking for themes of where I’m at if leaning positive or negative and loving seeing a movement towards higher % positive thoughts. I also have seen a commitment to self as I write down my day’s priorities and either that night or next day if something is being rescheduled because did not get to it, looking at why, what thoughts were getting in my way to getting them done today and how do my thoughts need to change to get it done or choose to get it off the list and like that reason. Brooke is so thoughtful on the daily homework provided to us, was it assumed in the program creation we would pick up what we need and incorporate as habits and continue with them or that we move through just the homework on a daily basis related to each month? I know at the end of the day, I get to choose:) I would love to understand the intent from a program creator standpoint and what daily work looks like for Brooke after creating and doing all her work. Thanks!