Dare 1 – call dad / afraid of feeling sad

My brain hated the idea of a daily dare. I decided to do it anyway and see what happens.

Here’s day one:
C Plan to call dad and wish him well on his birthday (We haven’t spoken on the phone for 4 years)
T I don’t want to call him because I don’t have any connection with him
F afraid (of feeling sad that we don’t have a connection) – does that make sense?
A procrastinate, miss time window when I could reach him at home, choose to send a text instead
R not called, no connection with him, no connection with me

New model:
C Planned call
T I’m growing by doing this.
F self-confident
A not procrastinate, just do it
R called dad and wished him well, made a new experience

So I did call him and wished him well. I actually think we had a nice conversation. And I felt warmth and connection during our call. I was also so afraid of acting from emotional childhood, but I didn’t. I’m glad I did it.

Thank you for challenging us each day.