Dare of the Day – Agreeing to move & thank you so much, Suzy for your masterful coaching today!

Suzy coached me this morning around my resistance to the possibility of moving. She pointed out that claiming authority, being clear on the budget and structuring my thoughts around how I wanted to feel during this process of moving, remodeling, etc. would be most supportive. I did.

C: Circumstance: Moving
F: How do I want to feel during this process: Excited, happy, appreciative, creative, motivated, authority (empowered), control, decisive, clear, excited, excited, excited & oh, flexible.
T: Thoughts: I get to create the home of my dreams. I know how to do this. I’ve done this before. I know just the person that can help me vision & co-create. I can make this so much fun – an adventure. I can match Paul’s enthusiasm if not top it. I am so appreciative that we can afford to do this. I am so appreciative that Paul is willing to move now & has done all the coordinating, paperwork, etc. Wow! My husband rocks!
A: Actions: Consult w/ Jenny Speier. Talk to contractor. Find out what budget is. Prioritize. Work on selling our house. Work on my thoughts. Embrace all the feelings that surface. Work on my thoughts.
R: Result: Home of my dreams (if offer is accepted!)

I love this because even if our offer isn’t accepted, I have taken internal and external action steps to be prepared when we do move!

Much Love, Ginny