Please remind me how to feel bad and good at the same time

I am in a reasonably OK place with my thoughts, in that I strive to be self supportive and I understand and have practiced what I want to think to feel powerful in my life and good about myself and others.

I have been in SCS since March. I have been buffering a lot and I am going to let that go. Monday I will be starting my eating protocol and I will stop drinking. I am going for 137 pounds.

I am preparing to feel a lot of pain. There will be neediness, loneliness, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, fear, loads of uncertainty about my next directions in life (this is why I have been drinking and overeating recently)

Meanwhile I will work on my thoughts to be happy where I am now as I move into the next things, including feeling productive/inspired at my current job, being kind to myself and others, being loving unconditionally.

Can you please remind me how we are to feel pain and at the same time work with thoughts to feel good/happy/powerful etc