Dare of the Day- Leveling Up

I am in a coaching business group on Facebook and this month we are doing a challenge, which is perfect, because it coincides with the Dare of the Day challenge this month here! I have been making connections with people as a part of the other group’s challenge (phone calls, sending snail mail, and face to face) which has been terrifying! I have decided that this month I am also announcing my practice is open, I am offering 5 slots. I have put this off for years. I have a lot of imposter’s syndrome going on. My thoughts are always around how “they” are going to “know I don’t know what I’m doing.”
I’m done with that. I am going to be honest and open about where I am in my own coaching, my reasoning behind waiting until now, and using myself as a model for how I am going to coach others.

Unintentional Models
C- Decision to announce
T- They will believe I don’t know what I’m doing!
F- Fear
A- Don’t announce
R- Not knowing what I’m doing

C- Decision to announce
T- They will know I am new to coaching (and not hire me because of this and that matters)
F- Fear
A- not announce
R- Continue to always be new to coaching

Intentional Models
C- Decision to announce
T- I will teach what I know through Facebook Live calls and sharing the tools I use
F- Confidence
A- Announce to everyone, stop hiding
R- Learn more, be more confident in my tools

C- Decision to announce
T- They will know I am new to coaching, and that’s fine (I can handle any emotion)
F- less fear, commitment to the action
A- Share even though I’m scared
R- People will know and I will be totally fine and be even better at handling any emotions

Any thoughts on these? Suzy and I continue to work on these, and she has been awesome. It’s so amazing to work with someone else, as good of a coach as I am for myself, I am always surprised when someone else picks up on a thought/belief that has been hindering me that I haven’t even noticed!! She asked me if I believe in my tools, and I felt a shift. It’s so, so good. Thank you and your team for everything!