Dare that do not feel great afterward

I love that so many people have been so empowered by their dares. I have not found a daily dare but am trying to do at least a few a week and when I think of something I might not otherwise do, I’ll dare myself to do it. So today I knew I would have time alone tonight as my kids and husband are not home. When I am alone, I tend feel a little lost and Sunday evenings are usually challenging as I tend to dread the upcoming week. So, difficult combination. Normally, in this situation, I would binge on TV or reading and feel isolated. So today I found out there was a Woman’s Circle at my yoga studio. My dare was to go to the Woman’s Circle. My models are as follows:
C-Go to Women’s Circle
T-I will hate it
F-I won’t fit in
A-Don’t go
R-?? status quo
New model
C-Go to Women Circle
T-It will be nice to socialize & meet new people
R-break out of a routine
(still working on models)
So, I went and felt a lot more like model #1. I was glad to be out of the house but felt uncomfortable speaking in the group (though I did) and afterward, everyone was talking to each other and I felt pretty isolated. I mean, I’m glad I went and honored that commitment but don’t feel like I had this great, “I got over a fear” feeling. More like, felt sadder than before I went because if I had stayed home, at least I could blame my loneliness on not trying. Not trying to sound whiny, just trying to sort through this. Thanks.