Dare Not to Compare Repost

I posted a comment last Friday about my dare to not compare myself to others but I didn’t get a response, so I thought I’d post it again.
I’ve had this longstanding habit of comparing myself to others, which has always left me feeling lacking. Because I work with clients and a lot of women, a decent part of my job is social. I crave my solitude and consequently don’t get together after work much with my co-workers. My alone time helps me to recharge. They are more social than me, which has often made me feel, should I be more social? What’s wrong with me? One of my co-workers invited us all to her son’s party, which I really didn’t want to go to, but several others did because, yes, they’re more social. It’s just exhausting, so I dared myself to not compare myself to anyone else for an entire day, to make a decision based on what I wanted and to like my reasons for doing it. It DID NOT come naturally to me!
I did send a baked goods tray to the party, because I really do love my co-worker and wanted to support her but now I’m wondering if I did that because I really wanted to or because I wanted her to love me back, which is just trying to control her feelings? It made me feel good to do that for her and she really appreciated it, so I don’t want to indulge in all that!
I think I’m doing pretty well this month because I don’t feel a lacking where my fellow daredevil scholars are concerned. I feel inspired by their dares and instead of comparing my dares to them, which the old me would say are so insignificant in comparison, Me 2.0 is slowly learning more about myself and getting the most out of my seemingly-small dares . I have a long way to go, (and 16 more days of dares) but at least I’m going:)
Thank you for the support!