Blocking emotions…or growing?

At times I feel so much more in control of my emotions that I wonder if I am blocking them.
I had a history of blocking them in the past. Ignoring them completely.
This feels different because I don’t feel the build up in my body…but there were times I probably could have said that in the past.
Are there questions that I could ask myself to reveal if I am blocking?
We just had a major, unexpected vehicle expense. Funds are low…and in the past this would have caused me tons of stress.
I’m thankful that I feel peaceful. “This is a circumstance, I can choose how I feel. Choosing to feel stress won’t change the circumstance.”
While I’m glad I don’t feel reactive…I’m in new territory.
On an interesting note, my partner seems to be now acting the way I would have in the past. I have compassion though because I remember those feelings and they were not fun.
Such new territory…I would love feedback.