Dare of the Day – Dieting Shame Model

My dare of the day is to eat no sugar, no flour and no snacks today no matter what emotions come up. Below is my model:

C: I’m not eating sugar, flour or snacks
T: People will notice how I’m eating, that I’m attempting to lose weight and that I’m not happy with my weight. Then they will notice I’m not losing weight quickly and will think I’m failing, I have no willpower.
F: Shame
A: Try to hide that I’m following a ‘diet’
R: I end up eating flour, sugar, snacks because I don’t want people to notice.

Self-confidence Model
C: I’m not eating sugar, flour or snacks.
T: It’s the healthiest way to fuel my body. It makes me feel emotionally and physically good. I know I can handle any emotion.
F: Self-confidence
A: I follow my protocol
R: I’m physically and emotionally healthier. I feel good. I successfully experience any emotion without food.

I just joined scholars. This is my first written down model – I’ve done a lot in my head listening to the podcast. I love this approach to the work.