Support with thoughts in the week 1 assignment

Hi there!

As I’ve been working on the week 1 assignment to list areas where I feel self-confident (pages 18-19), I’m finding myself attempting to list the thoughts that are my reasons but coming up with thoughts about either 1) my experience, 2) other people’s opinions of me, or 3) external results/evidence. I know that this isn’t the point because I’m not linking to my thinking (yet!). Could you help me clean up my reasons or maybe suggest a way to unveil the thoughts around these areas? Here are some examples of thoughts that I’m guessing aren’t there yet:
– Facilitation: I have practiced so much and others tell me I’m good at this.
– Designing adult learning: My sessions get higher ratings than any others from our clients.
– Crosswords: I can do them faster than him.
– Volleyball: I’ve played for 22 years with lots of different people.
– Friend: I am present, curious, loving, and compassionate.
– GRE and ACT: I scored in the 98th and 99th percentiles.

Thanks in advance!