Dare – really throw out my to do list

I did it. I’ve been hanging on to my to do list and only planning out one week at a time. I was afraid to schedule more than that because a) My fear of an uncertain future – what if I get sick, what if something more important comes up, etc, and b) I really don’t trust myself to follow my calendar completely. What changed? Once I started practicing the thought “I could do X now because I said I would”, I actually started to take some actions just because I said I would. I started to really believe it was possible this might work, and I started to build some trust in myself. And now the thought is “I will do X right now because I said I would.” What did I learn? It’s ok for me to start small and build up some evidence for believing a new thought. I feel so liberated- it’s amazing. Thank you so much for all you do. This stuff works.