Dare to dare

Hi Brooke,

In my first month straight to the dares! I first hesitated, thought I had to do huge, life changing dares. It had to be big. Then I decided to just start.

Some of the dares I’ve done:

– Running in a short instead of my 7/8 tights. I consider my legs not toned enough.
– Calling my mother. After many weeks of procrastination.
– Asking my real estate agent if I can use her professional pictures of our house for my own advertisement.
– Offer a person I hardly know a fee/percentage for finding a buyer for our house since her network is really huge.
– Going back to my favourite running trail where I’ve been bitten by a dog last year (and had to recover for several weeks).
– Being honest with myself (and then with my 20″ coach) about all my thoughts concerning my (lack of) management qualities.

I’ve done them all. I could handle all emotions that came up.
It feels so good, first because I did what I agreed on with myself. Second it makes me think, “What’s the big deal?”
One day I skipped a dare, and that was also okay. I looked with curiosity “why?”

Thank you Brooke and all you coaches for your work!