Dares or to-do lists?

Hi, am trying to come up with some dares – they are supposed to scare me a little, and where I don’t know the outcome, yes? My list reads a bit like a to-do list – they all do scare me to some extent, though. I rarely initiate lunch with people, even if I really like them, and haven’t reached out to our new neighbours, but some seem like things I’ve been putting off doing. Feedback most welcome.
Ring a person regarding a book I a planning (but putting off)
Arrange a trip to the country for the book
Ask Meg to lunch
Complement a stranger
Write to supermarkets asking them to ban plastic packaging as much as possible.
Set up a website (not really a dare of the day/ But could break it down)
ask a work colleague to lunch
book dancing class (something have been wanting to do with my husband for, well, 3 years or so)
give money to someone begging and have a 5 minute talk with him or her
Ask our neighbours in for a drink.