Daughter’s Behavior Follow-up

Thank you so much for your help regarding how best to handle my thoughts and actions surrounding my daughter’s words. I was able to practice already this morning telling her that she can’t make me feel hurt and that I love her no matter what. So much better than yelling or trying to get her to change!

I also want to thank you for reiterating that she is not responsible for me feeling hurt. This concept has been really enlightening (as I’ve already been working on it from listening to your podcasts). I used to tell her often that she made me feel bad or even “treated me like garbage.” I realize how harmful it is for me to burden her with the responsibility of making me happy and have been working on not saying those things anymore. Talking about her behavior as acceptable or unacceptable from a place of love without accusing her of hurting me is so much better!! Now to just come up with the appropriate consequences.
Thanks again!