Day off from job

Thank you Brooke for your respond. I found it very helpful and it showed me where to look for the problem. I did the model you suggested and here is what came out:
C: day off from job
T: I do marketing all day but I have no result in clients. (Facebook post, adds, posting on groups, taking part in “link parties” on fb, writing blog, sending newsletters – all in two languages)
F: frustrated, feel like quitting
A: wake up after 10am
R: no result

Of course there are other thoughts like: “My offer is not attractive enough.”, “People don’t see value in what I do.”, “Many of people who visited my fb opted-in but never used opportunity to sign up for mini session.”, “I asked for feedback few times about my freebee and nobody responded.”, “There is no point in doing all this.” When I exercise a thought that “It needs time.”, “The seed is in the ground but before I see the fruits I need to give it some water.” My enthusiasm lasts very short because no one is even using free mini session which means I haven’t figure out my issues.
I feel like I am experimenting with my business. I don’t think it should be that way. I spent a lot of money on marketing course for coaches and also for market research and how to do fb adds. Now I spend what I have left on fb adds and it gives me some subscribers and likes. But I will not pay my bills with fb likes. I would have hope if I would get at least one client.
Now I know why I don’t want to get up and have no energy to do the work.
My attempt to change the model:
C: day off from job
T: the result needs time to come
F: impatient, nervous

C: day off from job
T: I have a luxury to give my business whole day of attention.
F: blessed with time
A: so I can sleep longer

C: day off from job
T: I need to start my morning with gaining 3 people to sign up for a mini session.
F: motivated
A: figuring out how to do it best
R: we will see
Still not the best because everything in my business is „I will see what it brings.”