The Manual and My Past

Hello Brooke!

I am working on rewriting my past and noticing a sticking point when I tell the story I WANT to have. The wording I use is still somewhat “blaming” of others (for example “she did her best and made decisions that were right for her. She had a belief about me and that informed her behavior toward me”)

This feels judgmental on my part, and as such, not liberating at all. My thought continues to revolve around my perceived shortcomings on another’s behavior instead of freeing myself from the scarcity of it all.

I see that I have a manual and understand that having a manual for anyone (including myself) leads to feelings of scarcity, anger and a victim mentality. My Manual for others and myself ultimately leads to buffering and keeps me in emotional childhood. Having a manual can lead to feelings of being offended. The manual can also create a feeling of righteousness in me (in that I know better and so I am better). YUCK.

My struggle right now is in learning how to let go of manuals to live in a place of nonjudgement and acceptance of myself and others as well as events in my life that I hold onto as “defining” or “justifications” for my thoughts->feelings->actions->results.

Bridge thoughts:
Manuals have limited my interaction with the world and my relationships in the past and that is okay.
I am learning that the thought of letting go of My Manuals leads to feelings of insecurity but this won’t stop me
Becoming someone who doesn’t have a Manuals is a process I can’t wait to master
I am growing into a person who lives for joy, abundance and acceptance

Would love your feedback as well as any insights you have.

Thank you!