Day one person three

I’m on my person three. Its a friend i was close to for several years and who i feel dumped and rejected by after an arguement . Ive tried to resolve and address it many times and she wont discuss. Its like shes giving me the cold shoulder. We are in cordial touch sharing superficial news but i miss the connection (which ive told her) . On day 1 with my first two peoole (my husband and son) i could clearly see where judgments of them were projections of myself , but i dont with this person. My judgements of her were “you make me feel less than, unintersting and unintelligent”. “You show little interest in staying connected” “you dont communicate in ways that make sense to me”. “ you reject and dont address my attempts to stay in touch”. These dont appear to be projections . This whole situation has felt so upsetting to me – i want to find a way to release it and jyst stop trying to fix friendship. I feel i should just break off contact because trying to stay connected and having her respond intermittently and not how i want feels terrible. Maybe she is not the person to chose for this excercise?