Dealing with feelings about sitting in first class in the plane.

I have been dealing with my relationship with money and I was able to recently take a trip and I spent the extra money so that my husband and I could be in first class and be more comfortable. The trip there was great! Trip back was a little more difficult because there was someone we knew from the resort on the same flight as us. I felt really weird because I did not want them to think that we thought we were “better than” because of where we are sitting. So I made one model about that and one model about my beliefs about sitting in first class.

C: Sitting on the plan in 1st Class and see people we met at the resort we just left
T: I am really uncomfortable with them seeing us in first class
F: shame
A: Avoid eye contact. Don’t speak to them as they go by our seats. Don’t talk about it to each other.
R: I act like a jerk while they are walking past us

C: Sitting in first class
T: Sitting in first class is great as long as no one knows I was there
F: guilty
A: Try to enjoy riding in first class anyway. Try to justify to myself why I am in first class.
Ruminate about being there and if I should do it again
R: I don’t enjoy being in first class

These are not thoughts I want to keep for sure, but I would like some guidance on exploring them and if the models flow correctly.
Appreciate any insight!