Dealing with Parents illness

My mom has Parkinson’s disease, it’s now at the point where she often spaces out and can’t follow conversations. She can longer care for herself so we are building an addition on my home and my mom and dad are moving in. I have been trying to do the model on my feelings about her illness but I’m not sure I have it correct.

C- Mom is ill
T- I don’t have my mom anymore, she is not the same person.
F- Sad, feel like she is already gone
A- avoid her, don’t spend as much time as I want too with her
R- This is where I get stuck, does the result have to equal the thought? I keep wanting to put Still don’t have my mom, but that feels wrong.

C-Mom is ill
T- I still have her she is just different, I should appreciate every moment we have left.
F- Grateful
A- Spend more time with her
R- appreciate time with my mom

I’m glad they are moving in and glad that we will be able to help them, I’m also king of thinking holy shit my parents are moving are in!!
My model for this is:
C- Parents moving into addition
T- I am now tied to caring for her for the foresable future, cant take vacations or every do anything
F- Drowning
A- Overeat
R- Still feel tons of pressure

New model
C- Parents moving into addition
T- I get to spend more time with my mom and help my dad take care of
F- Helpful
A- Help take care of my mom
R- Spend more time with both parents

I appreciate your help and advice!