My thoughts about my debt are tormenting me. A lot of thoughts revolve around how I’m going to get it paid off, wishing it was already paid off, wanting it paid off faster, thinking I shouldn’t have it, which mostly leads to feelings like shame and stress.

I would love to get it paid off in 3 months, however, that would mean earning about $4,000 more than I currently do. That feels truly truly impossible to me. I have no idea where I would get that money from. Even with $4000/mo increase, I’d still be eating $.39 Mac N Cheese nightly and hoping no unexpected expense arise, which doesn’t sound very fun.

I wonder if this is even how I should go about this goal of getting my debt paid. I don’t know why I chose 3 months, it just sounded good to me.

I think my limiting beliefs around money are that you need other people to be involved in order to get it.

For example, I’ve reached my weight loss goal. To me, weight loss is 100% on me. I don’t need anyone else in order to lose weight. But when it comes to earning more money, I have this limiting belief that it totally depends on the world outside of me, aka someone hiring me, someone giving me a raise, someone giving me more hours, etc. and that it feels very out of my control. I know it’s totally in my control, just having a time truly believing it.