Deciding I’m Rich

I heard on Brooke’s Possibility call her tell the client she can just decide that she is an extrovert. I thought well then, I’m just going to decide I’m rich and wealthy. I wondering how to put this decision in a model.

C Made the decision that “I’m rich”
T well that was so easy
F excited
A look for evidence how I am rich right now and how I’ve always been rich in money, heath, family, fun, experiences etc. Get excited thinking about what I want and my goals. Don’t – regret or look at my finances or debt thinking I did something wrong and shame myself.
R I make it easy to be rich?


C Make the decision that “I’m rich”
T this can’t be true
F liar
A look at bank accounts, see how much debt I have. Shame myself for what I’ve spent and how much I could have saved. Don’t think about what I have and how I am rich in life, health, family and money, don’t think about my goals.
R create an experience where I’m not rich?

I would love some feedback. Thanks!!!