Exhaustion after work

I’ve been having days where I can’t get off work until 9pm. There is a course that I’m running which is for adults to take part after work.

I try to take some time off during the day and control the hours I’m working, but every time when I finish around 9pm, I’m exhausted. I know my thoughts cause feelings, actions and result, but it just feels so true that I’m just exhausted from working long hours.

I tried doing a model on it.

C: Finish work at 9pm
T: I don’t think I can do anything right now
F: exhausted
A: lay on the couch, buffer with Netflix for 2 hours or have a glass of wine, don’t eat dinner, don’t shower, postpone everything to tomorrow
R: I’m not doing anything

I started from the F line, feeling exhausted, and all the actions I’m taking but don’t necessarily like. I want to change how I use my time afterwork and struggling to coming up with an intentional model. Any advice would be appreciated!