Decision to stay or leave job

My husband and I have started a company. He does the physical work, I do the business side. I am able to do that on evenings and weekends so I continue to work full time during the days. My dream is to stay at home with my kids and work solely on the business but I have yet to quit my job. I want to spend so much time with them, and provide value for my family. I feel they are the most important thing and time is so important.

I am at a good place with my thoughts on both decisions. I could be happy continuing to work at the full time job. Quitting my job and relying solely on the business does feel scary. Some thoughts that come up are: this is too good to be true, you should work, we could have more money if I work. I’ve done a model and would love some tips.

C: Decision to quit job
T: We could have more money if I keep working
F: Obligated
A: Feel like it is my responsibility to work to provide for my family, keep working full time, take additional evening classes to get a higher pay at work, don’t focus as much time or thought into the business, don’t get creative on how to lower expenses or how to grow business to make as much or more than I am bringing in from my work. Spend time thinking and ruminating on this decision when I am with my family. Write out budgets of how much we will save if I keep working.
R: Prove belief true we could have more if I work?

How do you make a decision when both options seem good?

When I ask my future self, she does not work full time. She quit her job and is focused solely on the business and her family. I think her thoughts are – this is the best decision, my family is the most important thing, I am all in supporting my husband, I provide way more value staying home and supporting my husband. Any tips would be great! Thanks!