Sick with COVID

My sister and I planned a last-minute trip to see my dad after 2.5 years. We flew in from different states and planned a mini-break first. When we met she was clearly sick and confessed that her husband and kids were also sick. She said she tested negative for COVID, but the day we planned to drive up to see my dad I felt sick and we both took tests. She was positive, and I tested positive the next day. It was very tense and she was falling apart, so I was trying to be supportive. We never got to see my dad. She opted to fly home and I feel that’s unethical, so I’m stuck on the other coast waiting it out in an airport hotel. Now, it’s Sunday and I’ve cancelled a week of plans, have spent nearly two thousand dollars, and am losing all sense of perspective. Please help with my models – I have lots of time.

C: Have Covid
T: Sister made a poor decision
F: Annoyed
A: Be annoyed, not look forward to her upcoming visit, waste time (could be doing anything else, including sleeping)
R: I make a poor decision to ruminate.

C: Have Covid
T: Sister should have stayed at home
F: Frustrated
A: feel sorry for myself, wallow in being sick, ruminate
R: I think about not opening my home graciously to her

C: Didn’t get to see my dad
T: My sister made a mess of things
F: Angry
A: Rant about her, don’t want to respond to her texts, ruminate
R: I am making a mess of my mind

C: Sick with covid
T: I’m think I’m being forgiving to my sister, but I’m not
F: Frustrated
A: Beat myself up, cry, lean into the pain of being sick
R: I don’t forgive myself

C: Sister and I sick with covid
T: She makes it all about her
F: Angry
A: Have angry conversations in my head, have a headache just writing these out, feel more tired
R: I don’t make it about me (nurture myself) while I’m sick

Any help about where to go from here appreciated!