Decisions from intent

Hi Brooke –

I just did your money course and loved it. I wrote in about always feeling guilty around spending money and I’m trying to break those thoughts. I noticed something – I spent money on a manicure because I wanted to look/feel professional and polished, and I felt good about my decision after. But I am spending money on eyelash extensions from a place of, “I don’t look as good without them,” and I struggled justifying the money (are they worth it, etc.).

I know these are lighthearted examples, but I feel like one I came at from a place of genuinely wanting to exchange the money for what it brought me, and the other was money in exchange for something that feels like an unnecessary indulgence. I realize those are still my thoughts…not sure where I’m circling here. I am still arguing with myself, trying to justify my purchase.

Is this confusion? Scarcity? Thanks