Decrease body fat % or weight?

Last year, I set a goal to achieve 20% body fat. It’s still my goal this year, and I like my reason for it. A few months ago I went through the overeating course and decided to adopt a food protocol. It’s helped me decondition my desire for food and create consciousness around my overeating habits. Now, I’m wondering if I should change my body fat % goal to a weight loss goal instead. I lift weights and haven’t been concerned with weight gain (I attribute it to muscle weight) but I also think I could be using that as an excuse to overeat. Can a body fat % goal live together with a weight loss goal or do you recommend focusing on weight loss first? For context, I’m currently 5’1″, weigh 118 pounds, and my body fat is at 24.5%. I would love to get to 105-110 pounds but feel like that would mean not doing as much weight training. I also think it’s possible to get to 105-110 pounds and also have a 20% body fat. What do you think?