Deliberate thinking

Okay…. so I had an insight that I can be very deliberate with my thinking.

So much up to this point was getting familiar with my brain and its ways. Now, I am suspecting that I can feel bad knowing that that bad feeling is being generated by a thought and carry on.

So I don’t have to feel good or anything to be creative or to do any task. I can recognize the model and continue on.

So here is my question.

I’d rather not plough over bad or negative feelings. I think they need to be processed. Maybe not in that moment, but I do know the freedoms and life that has arisen from processing.

If I can’t process in that moment, I could choose an intentional model in the meantime.

Am I on the right track with this?

Deliberate thinking and the resultant feeling seem very much within my reach, and that is very powerful for the action and results in my life.

Thanks for the feedback.