Didn’t Follow Through

I’m working on trusting myself and following through. I have decided I am a life coach and I have been showing up as one since January.

Last Friday, I had created events in Clubhouse to talk about anxiety. Well, the call didn’t go as planned. I did the whole Clubhouse with my mic off and didn’t realize it until I was done with the call. I decided I should forget about that one and just start a whole new room, but I can’t get myself to follow through. I’m not doing it because I’m so scared and annoyed at myself for the one I just did. Only one person came. Here is my model.

C: Hosting event on Clubhouse, didn’t have my mic on.
T: I am never going to have the business of my dreams because I keep doing stupid shit
F: Annoyed.
A: Stop posting, stop creating coaching content, scroll Instagram and go on scholars, Not following through on having another event.
R: Not Creating Clients.

I am also probably having more sad models but just need some coaching on this.