difference between loving and being in love

hi there,
so i watched a q&a coaching from brooke yesterday. and a woman was getting coached about how she is with a partner that she loves but is not in love with. and she had that passion with her ex husband and other men.
so then it hit me, as i tried many times to explain this to you or others i never seem to get it right so i will try again and maybe you can help me.
this woman is talking about this sense of passion, the power that the other person has over you.
loving someone is just so “boring”, and normal and it slips awway so easily. but when you are in love with someone you just know it. you can’t live without them. they have that kind of power over you. you look up to them.
does this make any sense at all?

and also can you make yourself fall in love like that?
its just feels so unnatural. as you can see in movies its always different i think this is just so stuck in my mind and also it seems so strange to train your brain to love or fall in love with someone. Like its fake and unnatural thats what keeps popping in my brain.

i would love to hear your thoughts on this one!

Big hug