different impossible goal

I changed my impossible goal. Initially, it was a money goal, but the more I thought about it these past weeks as I was coming up with worthy fails, the more I realised that a money goal is not attractive to me, but a “become the person I want to be” is.

So I changed it to “the amazing io project” 🙂 I want to change things I’m struggling with in my life, like emotional eating, getting back to working out consistently, or to honor my schedule . Or I want to do things that I’m afraid of, like going on a rollercoaster and learn how to enjoy it, or reconnecting with old friends, etc. It’s like a very long list of things I wanted for years now and I still want them, because I feel like deep down I am the person that would do those things.

Although I can come up with epic fails for them, like “no sugar no flour” protocol, or honoring my calendar daily, my problem is with the “exact result that proves it has been achieved” part, so how to measure it exactly for the result at the end of the year. Would it simply be related to my worthy fails? For example, if my worthy fail is to reconnect with 3 friends, will that be the result at the end of the year? I reconnected with 3 friends?

Thank you!