Difficult client

I feel stumped. I am working with this girl who wants to change her mindset and get unstuck. I’ve been helping her see how thoughts create reality. She gave me an example of a frustrating co-worker who isn’t doing her job. I was helping her see that the co-worker herself isn’t what’s making her feel a certain way but that her feelings are creating this reality. She stated she knew this, but yet verbalized statements of her co-worker should be acting etc. My question here is–I was trying to show her how thoughts are creating the feelings and that C’s are neutral but what we choose to think about them is what is creating the reality. Also trying to help her see that she can choose a different thought for the C to create different results for herself. She said, “So it’s fair that she doesn’t do her job?”  I’m stumped on how else to explain it. Am I missing something?