Discrepancy Between What I Think About Myself and What They Think About Me

In the Thoughts About You coaching call, I heard Brooke say that there’s no harm in thinking I am good at something, if other people think I am not good at it, and I wanted to explore this because I think that there is harm in it — it seems to me that if I think I am good at something and I am unwilling to hear the feedback from people around me that says I am not good at that thing, I am at risk of engaging in narcissistic behavior to block out the valuable feedback that could be keeping me from learning and growing, just so I can stay in my bubble of belief about myself. For example, let’s say that I think I am a good listener (I’ve believed that in the past), but my best friend does not feel heard by me, and repeatedly reflects that to me. If I keep believing I am a good listener, I will dismiss my best friend’s reflections and not grow in that area. How do I reconcile this w Brooke’s teachings? Thank you!