Disempowered about making money

I’m having trouble gathering the relevant details/C’s in order to assemble a model around the F: disempowered, as it relates to my business. Basically, I’ll give y’all the run-down, some of it’s related to the model I want to build, more specifically I’m curious about what I DO when I feel disempowered as it relates to selling coaching in my business and how I show up to my business.   The part I get stuck on is what C’s about my relationship are relevant?

My boyfriend and I live together in a house, and he pays to rent from his family’s farm.  I don’t pay rent, technically. I work from home as a life coach. He pays for groceries, he pays for rent, and he pays for the entertainment/food/fun/travel.  I’m making it mean he supports me, and I don’t *really* support myself.  I can probably make a model out of just that one thought, “he supports me,” but I want it to be really clear.  I can’t figure out an example for running this model.  It feels so vague and abstract right now.

Some other thought download ramblings: As long as I live in this situation, I can’t make money. He enables me, to not have to try/work so hard to sell coaching and make some money. I need to move out and be on my own so that I can create urgency in order to sell coaching in my business and make enough money to support myself. I currently don’t support myself. I can’t support myself (under this roof, with him paying for things). Because he pays for things, I don’t have as much motivation to go out and sell things. I can’t make money if I’m with him.

C: Boyfriend and I live in this house together, he pays for groceries, he pays for rent, he pays for entertainment/food/fun/travel …. (what else is relevant??)
F: Disempowered