Do Goals Best Practices

Just listened to Podcast #86 Do Goals, and I have a few questions on best practices. In the podcast, Brooke says:

“…anything else that’s less than the top three priorities, leave it on that list and put it in a file folder and don’t worry about it for now. You should only be working on one main priority at a time, in my opinion, let alone four, five, six, seven, eight. Focus on those top three priorities and make sure that you get those done.”

She then talks about detailing out a 90-day plan for your top priority. (For me, it’s growing my business to a certain level.) I’m wondering about the other two goals on my top three (weight loss and improving my physical home environment). They’re important to me, so I’d like to see some progress in those areas during the next 90 days. Each of the top 3 will take longer than 90 days to accomplish.

I’m wondering whether there’s a reason not to work out detailed plans for #2 and #3. As I consider my options, the thought occurs that I can simply select a few things each week that I can do for #2 and #3 to keep making progress, but not go into full detail. But the idea of planning to make the desired outcome inevitable is pretty damn compelling.

Would love some coaching on this. Thanks very much in advance!