Do I believe the new thought – March Homework

Hi Brooke and team,

I have been practicing ‘No matter what I do, no matter what happens, I am always good enough’

I think I believe it!? How do you know!? Or I believe it most of the time now at least, is that possible? Conflicting thoughts don’t come up unless I really force them the last few days, usually the feeling is doubt and the thought, ‘really, are you sure?’, ‘are you really good enough?’. I can feel a slow shift away from my need to be more than I am, to be doing something more important or chasing something ‘better’ from practicing the new thought.

The other thing is I have been struggling with identifying massive action, other than repeating the thought throughout the day, or repeating it specifically in situations where I would normally beat myself up. Any suggestions or is that enough?

Thanks, Aoife x