Do we process emotions through or do we just allow them to be?

Hi there! So.. I am having some confusion about processing emotions.
First, I will notice anxiety or jealousy or anger or some negative emotion in me. I notice it, I sit with it, I name it, I describe the sensation in my body and then…. I don’t know… I don’t know what to do next. I sit with the uncomfortable emotion with the expectation that sitting with it will help me process it through to the other side… to freedom…. But… that freedom doesn’t come. So.. I think maybe I am not waiting long enough? I heard Brooke talking on a call with a client about not expecting emotions to process through and just being ok with having that negative emotion, but I am not sure if I understood correctly. I guess my question is this… are we capable of processing emotions all the way through to freedom and I just need to be more patient with the processing part or am I supposed to accept that I have negative emotions and stop expecting them to ever go away?