DOD – minimize speaking

Hi Brooke,
I want to work on reducing the amount of time I talk, responding instead of reacting, and allowing more space for silence in conversations with others. I am hoping this will improve my listening and reduce the amount I interrupt others. I’ve had it as a DOD for several days. The problem I’m having is I keep forgetting about it throughout the day. Every couple of hours I’ll remember and it will impact me for a while, then I forget again.
Here are my models:
C In a conversation with others, they speak
T I want to respond, agree, offer my opinion, thoughts
F ? needy?
A Interrupt, talk too quickly or too much
R I’m not a good listener and don’t allow space in conversations

C In a conversation with others, they speak or ask questions
T I am an attentive listener
F self confidence, respected
A Listen quietly, pause before responding, be thoughtful about response
R I’m a good listener and am more control of what I say

Any suggestions to improve my models? Do you have any suggestions on how I can remember to act on this throughout the day?
Thank you!