Don’t feel like eating OMG!!

Hi Brooke,

The day you promised has arrived. I’m feeling meh and down and restless and I DON’T FEEL LIKE EATING. OMG. it’s amazing. Also, I enjoy my running program. WTF. Also I have lost 20lbs. Oh and I am now working on procrastination which has held me back my whole life and my productivity is up a LOT and i know that by the end of the month or by next month I will not ever have this problem any more because I worked through it with my overeating and my movement. It’s truly a miracle. I have been dealing with these problems forever and now I finally have the methodology for lasting change. nothiing has worked before. Thank you soooo much. it does leave you with a lot of free time so I have to try new challenges because without my problems there’s just a void. so I am working on more creative things.
thank you Brooke!!!