I don’t want to do it! Part 2…

Thank you for your answer to my original question! I love the thought – “I don’t want to do it and that’s okay.”

I was watching one of the money videos last night (Lesson #4 – Having Money). And I saw a huge similarity in my thoughts about giving my time to others (because I have more due to being a stay at home mom – and they have less because they work).

You said some people feel like because they have more (money) they should share it. And that this is a tricky mindset because it goes to the scarcity thinking and trying to even out the playing field.

That’s definitely where the guilt is coming from, I feel bad because I have time and they don’t. And I feel like it somehow obligates me to share my time with them just because I have more. It also makes me feel resentful just for them asking.

Funny though, I don’t have this belief about money. So, if I think of my time as money, it’s easier for me to set boundaries and say no and not feel that guilt. That’s so cool!

It will be fun to test this out in the next situation. Of course now I’m going through and questioning if I actually do have this belief when it comes to money…I guess I know my work for today!

Thank you!