Don’t want to return to work?

Some days I feel like there is purpose with what I do, other days it feels pointless-I feel unappreciated. I work in healthcare-covid cases are on the rise, patients are angry at insurance/us, and I want to be home with my kids more-not get yelled at by patients (I know, mostly my story-I’m attached!) if I didn’t have student debt I would quit/at minimum cut down hours.

I am so attached to my story-I struggle poking holes in it all. Here’s one I’m particularly struggling with:

C:250k student debt
T:have to stay in my job to pay off debt
R:not coming up with ways to pay off debt

I want to feel motivated so I can take action. I want to figure out my coaching business. But struggling with finding the thought because I just keep struggling with how to build a business with a full time job.

R:have 500k so student debt can be paid off and I can take one year off work