DOTD–Ask a question I think I should be able to figure out (but can’t seem to)

Hello there,
My model about asking this question involves the thought: I am so lame that I can’t figure this out for myself and the feeling of embarrassment. So here goes!

I’m looking for help in finding nonfood joyful activities. I don’t have any. I work hard, following your amazing time management advice. I stick to protocol (37 pounds down and 10 to go!). I devote time daily to self-coaching. All good things. But in the evening, I want to find a way to reward myself for a day well done with something that feels joyful or at least happy. I don’t want this to be food, but I have no idea what to do. I end up watching TV, which is somewhat fun, but feels buffery.

I have actually googled “sources of joy” and not come up with much. Any ideas for how I can find something fun to do? And no, I am not kidding with this question.